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Chimney Sweeping

It is highly recommended that you clean your chimney flue once a year and have it inspected so that is well maintained and left in good condition, safe and working, as it should be.

This is where we can help, we are expert chimney sweeps who have worked in our industry for years. Without our regular cleaning and inspections of your chimney and chimney flue its possible that soot and creasote buildup can cause fires, building damage or cracks to the chimney which could be left dangerously unsafe. Holes and cracks can prevent fumes from leaving the chimney and can return back into your home, a serious issue.

Removal of Blockages

No matter how often your chimney is cleaned, it can easily attract animals such as birds or squirrels or become blocked. Regular annual inspections can help to discover such objects but sometimes you can discover them yourself. If a bird has been squawking for some time or you can here an animal trying to scurry up the flue then it's important to call out an expert.

We can help to find a blockage using one of our many techniques including our new state of the art CCTV camera system and can remove any blockages found using any one of our many professional chimney cleaning techniques.

Safety Surveys

Having your solid fuel or gas heated appliance regularly surveyed will help you to keep them safe and you and your family free from danger. A safety survey is a certificated service that allows you to prove to your insurance company that it is safe for use at your home and property.

A camera survey is used in a variety of different situations and the main reason may be if a new appliance needs to be connected to the existing chimney. The camera will make sure that the chimney is in good working order before work takes place.

Insurance companies, local authorities and the National Trust are the bodies that will require proof of a safety survey.

We will help by checking the flue lining or chimney from the inside for any damage, cracks or leaks and will advice you to repaire or replace it, or could advice you to fit a new stove with a liner already installed.

If you would like to find out more about the following services, please call us on 0845 838 1305 or 07734 465 682:

  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Animal Recovery
  • Safety Surveys
  • Flue Smoke Test
  • Blockage Removal
  • Fires Swept

We work on multi-fuel stoves, open and gas fires, inglenooks, kitchen ranges, Aga's, Raeburns and log burners.